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Q. Do you do your own excavating?
A. No, we do not offer excavating services. There are several locally owned excavators, please contact us if you would like a recommendation.

Q. Do you offer driveway and sidewalk services?
A. No, we do not offer driveway and sidewalk services. We do offer concrete services for footings, walls, basement floors, garage floors, stoops & patios.

Q. How long will it take to get an estimate?
A. After the prints are received and all questions involving the prints are answered, it will take roughly 3-10 business days to receive your bid.

Q. How much time between footing and wall pour?
A. The time lapse between footings and wall pours is roughly 2-10 working days. This is dependent on weather, size of foundation, complexity and wall height.

Q. Do you pour foundations all year?
A. Yes, we pour foundations year-round. However, when the temperature drops below 15 degrees, we are unable to pour. During severe weather, precautions and extra steps are taken to ensure safety and quality of work.

Q. Do you do commercial work?
A. We are able to do commercial buildings and multi-family homes.

Q. When will I receive my lien waivers?
A. You will receive your lien waivers at the time of payment.

Q. How do I schedule inspections?
A. Our office will schedule all necessary inspections related to our work, unless notified otherwise.

Q. What does your guarantee cover?
A. We offer a 2 year guarantee with all of our foundations. Read more on guarantee details. We also offer an option for waterproofing that has an extended 15 year warranty.

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We have been in business for over 50 years! Perma-Structo, Inc. was founded in August of 1965.

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