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Most poured walls can be completed in a quick turnaround based on a number of variables. Choosing a foundation contractor that has adequate equipment, forms and personnel will help keep your job on schedule. A construction process on time from the beginning will only make it easier for you to enjoy your dream home.

With the pressures of below grade soil, block foundations will not withstand over a period of time. A poured concrete foundation can add forty percent more concrete to your basement and will withstand the pressures of below grade soil. This added strength will only bring ease to you knowing that your family will be able to enjoy your home for many years to come.

One of the more important pieces of home building is whether the cost is too much for the builder and / or home buyer. Efficiency in poured construction methods reduce costs and time. Along with the home building process, owners should consider what the future cost of maintenance of potential water leaks that could occur to the foundation with an inexperienced contractor. Selecting a qualified and reputable concrete foundation contractor can save you money in the home building process and in the future. The affordability of poured foundations can give consumers the chance to turn their dream into a reality.

In an area with dangers of tornados and high wind speeds, a concrete basement provides a safe haven for you and your family. Concrete basements are one of the safest places to be during dangerous weather events. Along with weather, fire can impact your foundation based on the type of foundation selected. It is proven that poured concrete walls offer twice the fire resistance compared to block walls. With safety as a priority for everyone, it is clear that poured walls are a premier option in basement foundations.

Increased Living Space
With foundations needed in most new homes, the additional cost of adding a full basement is very reasonable. Poured concrete foundations provide a more comfortable, stronger and drier basement. A full basement can double the square footage of a single story home and can add 50% more usable space for a two-story home. The option to add an extra bedroom, living room or office in your lower level can bring value to your family. This added space gives your family the chance to grow.

Resale Value
Before building your dream home, it is important to know how a structurally sound basement can affect the value of your home. Researching the proper concrete foundation contractor is extremely important. Throughout the life of your home, it is imperative to remember that flooring and paint colors can easily be replaced. Your foundation on the other hand, cannot. Having foundation problems can be very costly to diagnose and repair. With the benefits of strength, safety and increased living space, the resale value of your home will last for generations.

Check out these brochures provided by the Concrete Foundation Association (CFA) on why poured walls are the leading choice for your new home.

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