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Our Equipment

We are well equipped with a large fleet of modern equipment. This includes dump trucks, cranes, conveyors, pump trucks and other heavy machinery and equipment.

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Conveyor Truck with sign


We are using the latest high-tech layout instrument to ensure your footing is properly placed after excavation. The footing is formed with Form-A-Drain. Our conveyor places stone to protect the drainage system and create an underfloor stone base. After inspection, we pour the concrete for your footing. The next day, the footings are stripped and the job is prepared for the wall crew.

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Measuring the Footings

Set & Pour Walls

Typically, a foundation wall can be formed and poured in one day. Ninety-nine percent of our walls are poured using a concrete pump. The photo gallery shows our crews using a concrete pump to pour the wall.

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Pouring Walls

Stripping the Walls & Restone

After your wall is poured, we will strip the forms. Once the forms are removed, a series of control joints are cut into the walls. Insulation is applied and the conveyor will return to the job and place a layer of stone to protect the Form-A-Drain. The job is now ready for backfill inspection.

NOTE: If the waterproofing option is chosen, this process is done before we apply insulation.

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Re-stone Walls


Flatwork takes place after the framing of the home has been completed, shingles are on and your underground plumbing has been inspected. Typically, we will send a crew to set up the job and call in a basement floor inspection. After the inspection passes, our crew will usually be able to pour and finish the job in one day.

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Poured Garage Floor